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"Appel à communication pour la 30ème ICHC"


Interdisciplinarity and New Challenges in the History of Cartography

1-5 July 2024 - Université de Lyon - France

The ICHC is the only academic conference solely dedicated to advancing knowledge of the history of maps and
mapmaking, regardless of geographical region, language, period or topic. The conference promotes free and
unfettered global cooperation and collaboration among cartographic scholars from many academic disciplines,
curators, collectors, dealers and institutions through illustrated lectures, presentations, exhibitions, and a social
program. In order to expand awareness of issues and resources, each conference is sponsored by a leading
educational and cultural institution. Conferences are held biannually and are administered by local organizers in
conjunction with Imago Mundi Ltd. In 2024, the University of Lyon welcomes the conference with the support of
the research unit UMR 5600 – EVS (Environment, City, Society).

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